About Capital Hope
CapitalHope.ca was launched a few days before Easter weekend during the early days of the pandemic of 2020 by One Way Ministries. The site’s initial purpose was to direct online traffic to the local churches of Ottawa who were streaming services that weekend. 

The newly formed Ottawa Evangelism Team has taken the CapitalHope site under its mandate and is in the process of updating the site to be of great use and value to the likeminded churches of Ottawa. The site is story driven, featuring testimonies from local believers. It is our hope that these engaging stories will encourage visitors to the site to continue on to the front step of local churches such as yours. 

You may have noticed the “Find a Church” portion of the site. Here we hope to feature churches that are aligned with our vision of seeing the Gospel of Jesus Christ flourish in the city. If you would like your church to be featured on our site and accessible in our “find a church” feature, please contact us below. 
Our Team

Jim Beaulne
Band of Brothers

Olivier Buadés
Mission Outaouais

Dan Byrne 
Connecting Streams
Ottawa CityChurch Network

Cristy Dagenais

Israel Gimba
Dunamis Army
Woodvale Pentecostal Church

Richard Long
Vineyard Ottawa

Do you have a question or would you like to feature your church on the site? Please contact us below.

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